Q: How does this work?
A: Fill out the contact form. Pick a free date and time on my calendar. I’ll confirm the date and location. We will meet up for our free consultation. If you don’t have a profile, we'll start one! If you already have a profile, we will look over it. We will chat, and I'll get to know you and who you are looking for. If you need a new picture or 2, we will take some. Choose your service, pay the tab and I'll take it from there.

Q: What is my minimum service fee?
A: The online dating profile creation or enhancement service for $100. It includes the 1 hour free consultation!

Q: What if I want to upgrade my services?
A: No problem at all. We can do that at anytime!

Q: What if I didn't opt in for the questionnaire?
A: That’s cool. We'll fill it out during our consultation.

Q: Why should I do this?
A: For a million different reasons! Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you short on time? Would you like to spend your time doing other things? All are good reasons to let me help you. Why stress yourself out when you don’t really know what to write or how to write it? I have researched online dating profiles and spent more than a year hard core online dating. I learned how to play the game and became an expert.

Q: Credentials please?
A: I have a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication. I stepped out of my comfort zone, kept an open mind, and went out with over 30 guys in just over a year. I researched the science of how to get who you are looking for. It is 100% how you say it, not what you say. The words, photo's, colors and emoji's will either make someone want to click, or detour them. I applied this to my own profile, and let nature take its course. Internet dating is a numbers game. It was a night and day difference for me!

Q: What if I just have a question?
A: Email me and ask! lifeofsunshyne@gmail.com

Q: Can you give me an example of your dating coach services?
A: I had a client who asked me if he looked out dated. It had been over 15 years since he had been in the dating scene, and been over 2 months I was waiting for him to ask that question! After our initial consultation, we rewrote his dating profile. We cut most of the ponytail length hair. We went shopping and traded his outdated look with the updated version. We took new pictures! I began maintaining his dating profile, and chose matches for him to contact. Within a couple weeks, he went on his first date, which led to many more. A couple months into it, he was down 30 lbs, he stepped way outside of his comfort zone, shaved his 20 year mustache and cut the rest of his 1992 ponytail. He had quite a physical transformation and increase in confidence. He had all of the assets, he just needed me to help bring out the best of him.